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Lightning Talk about a New Fluid Dynamics Model

by admin on Jan.16, 2013, under Allgemein

This Presentation, which is starting at minute 16 in the Video, is discussing a New idea of simulating Fluid dynamics based on fractals. Instead the current Methods using Grids where motion is calculated using Navier-Stokes equations is highly render consuming and inefficient for this kind of application. This presentation shows the current and serious misunderstandings in Fluid-Mechanics as well as pointing out numeric solving problems with current methods.
There is a surprisingly result derived by that new Fluid Model. Which points out that by this method it can be proven that matter doesn’t hold the information of causal behavior but rather reacts as an amplifier of an information which is not stored in matter itself but must come from somewhere beyond. This hypothesis is empowered by the discovery that matter creates instable situations where beyond there cannot be solved any result but something comes up anyway and decides how the instability collapses. This discovery could open a new opportunity to enter a “virtual” world embedded in this world but is hidden inside the chaotic motion in a decoded form.

GOTO MINUTE 16:00 to watch the relevant Talk.

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